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Biogravity - Anti-gravity face/body treatment

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The skin revolution in your beauty centre.

- You will receive a free consultation with our expert who will explain how the machine works 45 minutes of video call

High efficiency anti-gravity electro-chromatic face/body treatment.

CE certificate.



Why an anti-gravity face/body treatment?

More and more customers are looking for treatments that combine the benefits of manual techniques with the benefits of techniques with the use of specific machinery.

BioGravity was born from the experience of BioBeauté, a company specialized in the production of natural anti-aging serums of elite quality, and with it the anti-gravity face/body treatment.

This type of treatment is highly efficient and allows functional substances, even of large molecular dimensions, to be conveyed in depth, without the onset of side effects.

What is Biogravity ?

Biogravity is a professional accessory that combines the benefits of manual techniques with this

lli of transdermal delivery mesotherapy through electrostimulation combined with radiofrequency.

Through this accessory it is possible to transform one's fingers into real and effective handpieces for the transdermal delivery of functional substances.

By using Biogravity it is possible to combine 4 treatments:

  • Manual massage
  • Electro-myo-stimulation
  • Bioactive Infrared Light
  • Radiofrequency - High frequency heating of the skin

The result is a highly efficient complete treatment for the treatment of skin blemishes which, combined with the action of the specific BioBeauté serums (supplied), will produce skin regeneration and an immediate tensor effect.


Benefits for your customers

They will receive a highly efficient treatment

In just 20 minutes the skin is rejuvenated with an immediate tensor effect. This is due to the combined action of heat, infrared light, electrostimulation and massage. The serums are conveyed in depth thanks to the generation of low voltage electric fields (painless) and the skin is immediately healthier and rejuvenated.


They will be able to access a 'VIP' treatment

The anti-gravity treatment is one of a kind and will make your customers feel 'special'.


Benefits for your beauty centre

Multiple advantages in using the accessory for anti-gravity treatment

Very high demand in the next 24 months.

The latest generation combined treatments are highly requested by customers who are becoming more and more demanding. The peculiarity of this treatment is the union between dexterity and technology, which makes it unique in its kind.

Exclusive treatment that raises the reputation of your centre.

This treatment, brand new in the sector (at the moment in Italy there are only 19 centers that have installed the same technology), rides the trend of fractional radiofrequency widely used by VIPs and showbiz ladies. It is extremely effective especially on mature skin. Being able to offer such a service elevates you higher than other centers.

Attract high-spending customers.

BIOGRAVITY has a cost per major treatment. This represents, for those who install it, a very important earning opportunity which allows to increase the cost of the treatments and consequently the turnover of the centre.

BioBeauté brand treatment

Possibility of attracting new customers through the BioBeauté advertising network. Thanks to the use in combination with BioBeauté products, highly appreciated by thousands of customers, you will be able to attract a user loyal to the brand who will not be in the skin of carrying out the anti-gravity treatment with BioBeauté serums.


See it in action




How was BioGravity born and from whom?

BioGravity is a BioBeauté brand technology.

We are a company that operates in the field of anti-aging and natural cosmetics and we were among the first to distribute highly efficient natural serums on a large scale, achieving enormous success.

More than 150,000 customers in our online surveys have indicated to us the need for an innovative treatment that could combine the 'tradition' of massage with technological innovation. All without being invasive and painful.

This is how Biogravity was born, the accessory for the face/body anti-gravity treatment which, combined with the high-efficiency BioBeauté serums, gives the skin an immediate tightening effect.

Information Brochure

Download the information brochure here

Technical data sheet & instructions for use

Download here


Purchase and Delivery method

You can purchase Biogravity directly from this page with a single payment by credit card. If you want to purchase by bank transfer, we invite you to choose the purchase via 'payment on delivery' and we will contact you to finalize the payment.

We are activating an installment payment in 3 installments via Scalapay, it will be active shortly.

Delivery time: 15 days from the order
Following the order, you will receive personalized training from one of our experts
to maximize the use of BioGravity.



We apply a 14-day money back guarantee
12-month guarantee against malfunction.



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Biogravity - Anti-gravity face/body treatment
Biogravity - Trattamento viso/corpo antigravitazionale -
Biogravity - Trattamento viso/corpo antigravitazionale -
Biogravity - Trattamento viso/corpo antigravitazionale -
Biogravity - Trattamento viso/corpo antigravitazionale -
Biogravity - Trattamento viso/corpo antigravitazionale -
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